About Us

We are a company that has combined our love for beer and our passion for marketing and business to serve the craft beer industry. Our primary target is to help Breweries that are eager to grow and expand their business to generate more customers through social media marketing and automated systems that can be measurable and yield proven results. 

01. Leadership

“We find a way even if we have to create a new one.” 
We influence and motivate.
Enabling those around us to be effective and successful is the example we lead by.

02. Commitment

“We do what we say we’re going  to do”
We honor our word. 
Our devotion to improve our leadership, friendships, and partnerships helps us serve our clients with excellence.

03. Boldness

“We are bold in our actions.”
We are intentional in our decision making, which leads to superior results. 
Willingness to do for our clients what others won’t sets us apart.

04. Abundance

“We think and act in abundance.” 
We always go the extra mile for the people we serve and help. 
Our abundant mindsets breed prosperity, positivity, and wealth for those we serve.

The Man Behind The Brand

Pedro Meneses


A natural-born leader, driven by passion and always committed to delivering excellence to everyone he helps and surrounds himself with.

Pedro was born and raised in Guatemala City. From a very young age, he always showed signs of independence, leadership, and great ambition. During his first years as an adult, Pedro always believed that life was more than just getting a degree, a 9-5 job, a family, and following orders until the day he dies. Thirsty for answers to his deepest desires and goals, when Pedro turned 25, he decided to leave his country, his family, and everything that was known to him to pursue a greater dream, purpose, and his career as an entrepreneur.

He is the owner and founder of The Marketing Brewing Company, an industry-leading digital marketing provider and coaching firm serving the craft beer industry. He is also the host of The Brewing Business Show, a podcast dedicated to the craft beer industry and like-minded entrepreneurs.  

Pedro is best known for being someone bold in his actions and for always speaking and leading with the truth. As a respected entrepreneur in his field, Pedro has been a guest and featured on several influential podcasts.

Beyond his love for helping the craft beer industry, he also offers marketing services to other industries who need his help as well, along side his beautiful wife, Kayla Meneses. Together they also own a Real Estate Company.

Their mission is to help business owners improve their business’ and lives so that they can have a larger impact on their community and families.

“Get It Done….Be Unstoppable!”