Do You Have A Bullet Proof Business?

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Do You Have A Bullet Proof Business?

July 14, 2020 By Pedro Meneses

How your business can thrive during a crisis? 

Through one way and one way only, your online marketing.

Remember, marketing is a process by which your business gets and keeps customers, and now more than anything, it’s your most reliable allied to let more people know about your business.

Only through marketing, your business can be known by a broader audience. So if marketing is so important for any business right now, why isn’t a bigger thing you should be concern about?

I know you might be thinking, ‘Oh come on, man! How do you dare to tell me I need to put money towards my marketing at this moment?

Here’s the truth, you have two options to earn brand awareness. The easy way or the hard way.

The hard way is old school and ineffective techniques.

The new way is to leverage 100% of your social media through organic and/or paid advertising to gain momentum immediately.

Right now we can’t rely on other sources and assume that happy clients will send their friends and family through word of mouth. While this is one way that will eventually work for you, it’s a none existing option during this crisis.

The beauty of it is that it can be as simple as learning how to use paid ads on Facebook to help you increase your online sales way faster than any word of mouth or flyer could do.

Word of mouth spreads faster on social media anyways than it does when it comes out of people’s mouths.

But how can you implement a marketing strategy with what you have available?

Thanks to the internet and social media, you can start generating more sales with basically no budget or with as little as placing $10/day in Ads to get your brand in front of 1000s of potential customers.

And there are 3 things you need to have in place to make it effective:

  • Know who’s your audience
  • Craft irresistible offers
  • Have a system and simple steps to walk them through the ordering process.

I know these are hard times and while most business owners operate in fear of losing money on “marketing’ you can level up your game and get to the top of your market simply by adopting and implementing the right strategies.

Think about this, the brands that grow the fastest rely on their marketing.

The brands that last the longest rely on their marketing.

The companies that grow the biggest rely on their marketing.

If you DON’T rely on marketing, how can you EXPECT to grow and increase your sales during this season?

Sure, we’ve all been burned by putting some money in marketing and not getting the ROI we expected, mainly because we ignore the details and just threw a bunch of stuff waiting to see what it sticks.

When you invest in marketing you need to have all the details. If not, you could also blow your opportunities to make more sales due to a lack of knowledge.

There are a million reasons to market to your target audience, especially during this crisis, and you’re missing out on a massive amount of money if you’re not doing it.

There is a path to follow when it comes to your online marketing, and the more open-minded you are to learn and understand it, the cheaper it gets and the more results and positive ROI you’ll see.

The bottom line is if you’re not investing a significant amount of time, money, and effort into your marketing, you’re not building a bulletproof business.

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