Do You Think Beer-To-Go May Be Here To Stay Forever?

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Do You Think Beer-To-Go May Be Here To Stay Forever?

June 23, 2020 By Pedro Meneses

For the past few months, I’ve been diving into a lot of data, market research, and reading articles to have a better grasp of what the future may have for the Craft Beer Industry.

We can’t be 100% sure how the future looks, but one of the most common patterns I have found is how convenient the consumer is looking at ordering beer online, which as I have mentioned before, we are at a point in time where at least 90% of consumers have created new buying habits.

These changes have been especially important for smaller brewers who don’t distribute to many stores and depend on people coming to their taproom. Plus, driving up to a brewery to pick up some beer or having a case delivered to your door, has become much easier and less stressful than a trip to the grocery store.

Curbside pickup and delivery have allowed many breweries to keep staff working, and also has allowed loyal customers to have access to the beers they love and keep supporting their local breweries.

Even though on average sales for most breweries were down about 50% or more, many have discovered how much customers like these services and may keep the systems in place for the future, which by all means you should!

I know many of you think curbside pickup and other ways to buy beer without entering a taproom will continue to be popular only for some time, but I believe those trends are here to stay.

I’m not saying it will replace other distribution channels or will reduce foot traffic into your taproom. However, like in many other industries, this opens the opportunity to add yet another powerful line of distribution.

We are only at the initial stage of how online sales will impact our industry. That’s why I believe it’s important to pay attention to how consumers’ behavior is changing, what they want, and what they expect from you, so you can adapt and implement the right strategies that will allow you to grow your sales.

One thing you should pay close attention to is your online marketing.

Remember, every single industry is pivoting towards e-commerce, as a consequence, consumers will be more exposed to more offers, pieces of advertisement, etc.

This makes it difficult for your audience to remember you if you don’t have a strong online presence.

There are so many distractions in the digital world, and every customer is being targeted with thousands of pieces of advertisement that our memories are shrinking! So your online presence and strategies to build brand awareness are going to be one of your main pillars to keep growing your sales.

The other main thing I believe you should focus on is making your online process more easy and effective. When we are exposed to many distractions, you want to make your online sales process quick and simple.

For example, imagine the time that it takes for a customer (and you) to make a call, wait on the line, place an order, provide payment information, and confirm your order?

I know many have a process like the one I just described and it’s working, but now imagine if you could implement the same steps through an automated system, that can reduce all those steps to seconds and increase the number of orders you can take?

How much could your bottom line sales and productivity increase? 

Think about it for a second…

We are experiencing huge changes in the world, and the Craft Beer Industry it’s not the exception.

I believe a great opportunity to build better and stronger breweries is coming, but we need to be open to the reality and the opportunities that are on our way, and learn.

Don’t sleep on this, the future of your business depends on the strategies you implement today.

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