How To Be Successful Through Your Discipline & Persistency – Jory Mack – EP0042

Jan 14, 2021

Jory has created everything he has organically through making smart investments, working every day, and busting his tail off no matter what happens.

He lives by the motto “it’s more blessed to give than receive” and spends his days working to provide others with the tools to become successful.

He has run into incredible amounts of obstacles and wanted to quit multiple times, but never had it in him. Even during covid, he started new businesses by making aggressive moves during times others gave up.

He now has 10 businesses and has grown at a rate of 30-70% every year for only 7 years.

He likes piña coladas and long walks on the beach. He doesn’t like following the masses cause he realizes many times the M is silent.

He can speak Braille and slam revolving doors.  He can tie his shoes with his feet and can divide by zero.  He can sneeze with his eyes open and clap with one hand… All of his puns are intended, and he is the only one allowed to touch the paintings in museums.

In this episode, he shared his story and gives us some insight into what he has implemented to become a successful entrepreneur and live a fulfilled life even in the midst of tragedy and adversity!

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Jory Mack


Reno, NV USA

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Reno Solar

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