How Your Experiences Can Shape Your Success – Danny Galvez – EP0043

Jan 21, 2021

Danny Galvez is a walking human pattern interrupt.  From the moment you see him, you would think he’s on a mission to hit someone up for $3.55 for gas so he can get to his sister in Florida who is leaving an abusive marriage.

Born into a military family, and the eldest of 5 children, Danny learned the importance of leadership, tenacity, persistence, consistency, survival, and humility.

He’s a man on a mission who carries an abundant amount of clarity, focus, and energy and infuses it into everything he does from family, friendships, work, and everything in between.

His career started at the young age of 21 where he became an On-Air Radio Personality/DJ working in various music formats from Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary, and Top 40.  During his time in Radio, he learned to write, produce, and create messages that sizzle and get a response.

His superpower is walking into a room of any size and being the most memorable person before he leaves, usually enlisting the help of those in attendance.

Today, he is the Chief Happiness Officer at Break Free Academy and Phonesites, serving their clients as they navigate the various stages of entrepreneurship.  He’s a hypeman for Ryan Stewman, Emcee, and audiobook narrator and producer.

He’s a content creator and copywriter extraordinaire who loves to bring the essence of the truth to light with storytelling through words, sounds, and video.

In his free time, you’ll find him hanging at the beach with people he loves including family and his children.

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Danny Galvez


Dallas, TX USA

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Happiness Chief Officer at Break Free Academy

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