Accelerating Your Sales & Marketing – Billy Batt – EP0049

Mar 11, 2021

Billy Batt is a serial entrepreneur with several business ventures to his name. He is the Founder and Owner of Chrome Leads. He is also the founder of the New World Marketing Order Podcast, the Chief Marketing Officer at the Pro Choice network Contractor Hub and the Chief Marketing Officer at Pace Social Media.
Billy has worked with Real Estate Professionals and Contractors, helping them accelerate their business sales and marketing systems through e-Commerce website revenue. He has achieved success in the commercial/residential roofing, coaching, kitchen/bath remodeling, rent to own, and investors, among other fields. He has used various marketing techniques with a signature process to skyrocket conversions.
Billy was tagged as the 10x Ambassador because every activity that he undertakes has the potential of reaping back 10x.
The 10X ambassador is on a mission to help people hit $100,000,00 in closed contracts by 2024. Are you part of his dream? If so, then don’t miss any episode!

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Billy Batt


Toronto, Ontario

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Owner & Founder of Chrome Leads

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