Fine-tuning Your Skills & Mindset For Growth – Jessica Dennehy – EP0054

Apr 21, 2021

Jessica Dennehy is a business & legal strategist on a mission to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams.

Through her company Pivot & Slay, she coaches business owners to be adaptive and evolve their mindsets so their companies can withstand the test of time. She helps create structure, more efficient business processes and protects brands using Trademarks and other legal strategies that most small business owners overlook. Jessica is a corporate attorney that also owns a brand of luxury barbershops in New York called MadMen.

She has a book launching this spring about continuously Pivot in life and business and is co-authoring a second book about what to expect in the first 12 months of business.

In this episode, she explains the simple steps you can take right now to improve your skills and mindset for growth and success in your life and business!

Enjoy the show!

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Jessica Dennehy


New York, NY USA

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Pivot & Slay
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