How E-Commerce Is Changing The Way You Sale Beer

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How E-Commerce Is Changing The Way You Sale Beer

June 19, 2020 By Pedro Meneses

Here are a few opportunities I believe e-commerce will provide in the future

More opportunities to increase the number of times your customers buy from you

Having more convenient and easy options to buy online or on-premises can drastically increase the amount of repeating customers.

The opportunity to reach out to more people outside of your community

Even during the lockdown, a high number of craft beer drinkers were still traveling 20+ miles to find beer, imagine the possibilities to facilitate clear information about your Brewery and online ordering to markets outside your community?

Contactless on-premise orders

People will continue to take safety measurements in the following months. You can use your online system for your customers to order through their phones while sitting in your taproom and avoid contact with other humans.

Build Your Authority in the market place

90% of consumers now buy from businesses they follow on social media, having an easy step-by-step process for them to make a purchase can significantly increase your sales and build brand awareness.

These are just a few examples of what e-commerce can represent for the craft beer industry in the short and long term.

Again, I’m not implying people will stop visiting your taproom, but if I’m sitting in traffic or stuck in the office and sad that I’m gonna miss the trivia night, but I know at least I can place an order and have a beer ready to pick up on my way home, most likely I’ll be increasing my preference for such convenience.

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