Top Reasons Why Most Breweries Have a Hard Time With Their Marketing Strategies

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Top Reasons Why Most Breweries Have a Hard Time With Their Marketing Strategies. 

June 30, 2020 By Pedro Meneses

With the economy starting to reopen, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an effective marketing strategy in place to execute your summer plans perfectly and get your sales through the roof.

When it comes to marketing, especially in the virtual world we live in, you have to be very intentional and specific on how you put your campaigns together.

That’s why I’m bringing you the top reasons why most marketing strategies fail big time so you can adjust accordingly.

Not planning your marketing campaigns around your business goals

This is probably the #1 reason why most marketing strategies failed miserably.

Posting on social media and paying for some Ads without planning, is like throwing spaghetti against a wall and seeing what sticks. Most likely you’re going to lose money and end up pissed.

The best way to create a successful campaign is to have clear business goals and build your digital marketing strategy around them.

It’s a good practice to break down your big goals into smaller micro-goals to make them easier to accomplish.

Not knowing your target audience

After you have established your goals, you need to define who your perfect client is.

“Everyone” who likes beer is NOT your perfect customer.

I believe this is the most common mistake most people make with their marketing. You might be using the right channels, but if your marketing isn’t getting to the right people or you haven’t narrowed your target audience enough, you’re going to end up frustrated.

Knowing your perfect customer goes beyond demographics. You need to define who’s that ideal customer you’d like to see in your taproom every day, how they behave, their lifestyle, income, beliefs, jobs, and the list goes on.

Once you know who’s that ideal customer, then you’ll be able to maximize the tools available on your social media platforms that make it easier to reach the exact group of consumers you want to be in front of.

Platforms like Facebook allow you to target consumers by age, gender, interests, income, housing situation, marital status, pages they like and follow on social media, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Targeting accelerates your results and reduces your marketing budget waste, which is good for your wallet.

Not listening to your audience

When was the last time you talked to your customers?

When was the last time you did some research on consumers’ behavior trends or had a conversation with your customers to understand what’s going on in their lives and business?

Always stay in touch with your customer base and find out what their pain points and needs are. You must understand them so you can craft your message and marketing efforts to attract them over and over again.

Not working on your brand awareness

Staying in touch with your audience before they need you is good practice, why? Because people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Did you know that only 3% of your target audience is ready to make a buying decision at the time they engage with your post or any other piece of advertisement?

If you are consistent with your content, when they do need you, they’ll remember you, and they’ll buy from you. But if you’re showing up only every once in a while, they won’t remember you, and they won’t buy from you.

Not being patient

Sometimes marketing doesn’t work because you gave up on it too quickly.

You’re not the only business trying to advertise and sell your products on social media. On average, we are exposed to 30,000 pieces of advertisement daily, which makes it difficult for your audience to remember you if you are not constantly getting in front of them.

Your Brewery can’t show up out of nowhere and instantly win new customers. You have to walk them through a buyer’s journey, be there with them until they trust you enough to buy from you, and this doesn’t happen overnight.

This is also why your brand awareness and consistency are very important too.

You’re not turning your customers into your brand advocates

In 2020, no amount of marketing can help you if you’re not influencing your audience at a personal level to create people that will advocate for your brand.

More than ever, consumers are aware of your practices and your social responsibility as a business, especially post COVID-19.

When you understand what your target audience expects from you as a brand, then you can create a strategy that shows your commitment to your community and environment, as a consequence, your word of mouth strategy will spread like wildfire throughout all social media.

You’re complicating the buying process 

Your brewery can be awesome, your beer can be astronomically amazing, and your marketing strategy effective, but if you make it difficult for people to buy, you’re losing money.

How many times have you found a great product online, but you didn’t purchase it because the buying process was too difficult?

Or how often have you tried to hire a company or get more information, but the process took too long?

We live in a world where people want instant solutions to their problems. You must keep this in mind when designing your buying process.

Remember that people (in this new normal world we live in), want to buy in different ways. Some may want to text you, make a reservation online, even pay online instead of swiping a credit card.

This is why it’s important not only to have an online menu, it also needs to be an easy process that can help your customers choose what they want and check out as quickly and simply as possible.

Don’t ever assume that everyone wants to buy exactly like you want to buy. Everyone is different. Make it easy for everyone to buy from you and you’ll make more sales.

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does take some careful planning. However, taking the time to build a successful digital campaign, can help you grow your bottom line fast.

Make sure you plan your digital marketing carefully and have an effective system that can help you make more sales.

If you need help putting together a strategy that can help you crush your sales, make sure you Sign Up for a FREE audit of your current marketing and sales strategies.